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We develop custom software solutions,
designed to optimize your business and
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Software Development

We craft scalable software solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our focus is on fostering expansion, and encouraging innovation.

Web Development

We address diverse business needs by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to develop engaging websites, including progressive web apps.

Navigating Real Challenges with
Custom Solutions

These narratives offer a candid exploration of real-world challenges met with tailor-made answers.

Sneaker Inventory
Management System

We developed an Inventory Management System tailored for a sneaker wholesale company.


E-Learning Platform

A blockchain-based web and mobile platform that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell big data sets securely through a private digital identity and pay with Bitcoin.

Ruby on Rails

eBay to Shopify Cross Lister

Developed and implemented an Ebay to Shopify Cross Lister for a client. The solution automates product listings from eBay to Shopify, ensuring seamless integration with Wholecell.


Our customers and their experiences

Our customers continue to be the core of our business and their feedback vividly illustrates the success of our efforts.

Some of the things you may want to know

We answered questions so you don’t have to ask them.

It depends on the complexity of your project, technical requirements, and the scope of work. On average, we deliver simple software development solutions within 2–3 months, basic projects within 3–6 months, and complicated ones take us 9+ months. As a full-stack software provider, we have all the required tech specialists to develop products fast.

The cost for each project depends on different factors. It includes rates of tech specialists, project complexity, team size, time, and other criteria defining the total price. Talk to our experts to estimate the work scope for your project and we will calculate the cost.

We are a full-cycle software development company sticking to the agile methodology approach. It allows us to break the projects into milestones and sprints (usually, each sprint takes 1–2 or 3–4 weeks considering the specifics of the project). For all projects, we elaborate on a step-by-step roadmap so our clients know exactly the date of their product release. We consider all technical requirements of the project, estimate our resources and organize the development process to deliver a product as fast as possible and without delays.

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