Transforming the Way We Learn About Financial Literacy through Interactive Education

An innovative financial e-learning platform is currently to be integrated into school curriculums across the United States.

About Capitalize

Capitalize aims to revolutionize financial literacy and stock market education.

Based in Massachusetts, within the United States of America.

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The challenge

The current financial literacy curriculum in the United Stated faces hurdles in engaging students, relying on passive video-based learning.

The educational system’s heavy reliance on video-based learning often results in a lack of interactive experiences and practical skill development within schools, hindering comprehensive learning outcomes.

To address these challenges, the company sought a credible software solution to enhance financial literacy education, aiming to bridge theory with practical application through an interactive platform.

Partnership goal

The partnership aims to develop an interactive platform for financial literacy education, with a focus on practical skills and standardized instruction nationwide.


Financial literacy education currently faces challenges with passive learning methods and lack of standardization across regions.


Through our partnership, we aim to develop a software solution that transforms financial literacy education by providing an interactive platform for students to develop practical financial skills. Our goal is to standardize education nationwide, revolutionizing the way financial literacy is taught.

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